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Cohen-Esrey Family of Companies

Cohen-Esrey Communities, LLC

Cohen-Esrey Communities, LLC (CEC) manages multi-family apartment communities. CEC has managed a cumulative total of 467 apartment communities comprising more than 57,000 units and located in 173 markets.

Although CEC has managed properties as small as three units, CEC focuses upon 100-unit and larger properties.

Construction Technologies, LLC

Construction Technologies, LLC (CT) provides a cost-effective enhancement to new construction, renovation, and historic restoration of commercial and multi-family projects.

CT can serve as either a construction manager or a general contractor.

Service Technologies, LLC

Service Technologies, LLC (ST) was formed to provide a variety of maintenance and minor construction services to owners of apartment communities and commercial properties.

Service Technologies, LLC (ST) provides routine and preventive maintenance, plumbing, electrical, HVAC (including boiler), cabinetry, concrete, painting and a wide range of other specialties.

Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors, LLC

Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors, LLC (CEAI) acquires existing apartment properties throughout the United States.

CEAI pursues apartment communities of 150-units and larger in stable locations with populations from fifty thousand to one million people over a thirty state region. Its primary focus is on B and C+ quality projects with opportunities to leverage our expertise to add value.

Cohen-Esrey Affordable Partners, LLC

Cohen-Esrey Affordable Partners, LLC (CEAP) was formed in 1994 to develop and acquire affordable multi-family housing across the United States. To date, 55 properties totaling nearly 4,000 units have been developed or acquired. The firm utilizes Section 42 tax credits as well as HUD programs to achieve its mission.

CEAP is an active purchaser of existing apartments. CEAP completed the first for-profit Section 236 de-coupling in the nation and has structured several projects utilizing tax exempt bond financing, Federal Home Loan Bank loans, HOME loans, state and federal affordable housing tax credits, state and federal historic tax credits and a variety of other programs.

Cohen-Esrey Capital Partners, LLC

Cohen-Esrey Capital Partners, LLC (CECP) makes a market in various federal and state tax credits. These credits include both certificated and allocated credits from state low-income housing developments and rehabilitations, state and federal historic rehabilitations.

PrimePoint Partners, LLC

PrimePoint Partners, LLC (PPP) provides a wide range of products used in apartment properties including appliances, heating and cooling equipment, hot water heaters, washers, dryers, doors, frames, hardware, counter tops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, window coverings and other items.

PPP successfully aggregates the buying power for all Cohen-Esrey business units to achieve the best prices for quality products to the benefit of our portfolio. Substantial discounts are negotiated and the savings are passed along to the benefit of Cohen-Esrey managed and developed properties.


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About Cohen-Esrey

Cohen-Esrey is committed to helping residents, investors, and asset managers realize top quality benefits from multi-family communities and tax credit solutions. Cohen-Esrey is an Equal Housing Opportunity Company.


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