Development Projects

Cohen-Esrey developed apartment properties in numerous locations. In addition to delivering high quality housing options for working families and low income senior citizens, these projects have a meaningful and positive impact on local economies. The construction projects provide local jobs and economic activity. Once operational, apartment communities provide ongoing local jobs and a pool of new local residents as patrons to neighborhood businesses. In the end, these projects bring jobs, bring customers, beautify and revitalize communities, and ultimately reinvigorate local economies.

Local Economic Benefits - Active Cohen-Esrey Development Projects1

Local Business Owners' Income2


Local Wages and Salaries


Local Taxes and Fees


Number of Apartment Units


Local Jobs Supported during Construction


Local Jobs Supported Every Year


1) Based on per unit economic impact according to NAHB: [view source]
2) Income to local business resulting from economic activity generated by development project

Local Economic Benefits - Project Detail

Project NameLocationUnitsProgramConstruction TypeTotal Development CostLocal Business Owners' IncomeLocal Wages and SalariesLocal Taxes and FeesLocal Jobs Supported during ConstructionLocal Jobs Supported Every Year
Waverly Historic LoftsWaverly , IA 349% LIHTCHistoric Preservation$8,154,855$1,230,970$2,744,582$75,2085515
Walnut Street FlatsReedsburg, WI 339% LIHTCNew Construction$6,647,084$1,194,765$2,663,859$72,9965315
Marshalltown Senior ResidencesMarshalltown, IA 289% LIHTCHistoric Preservation$4,810,754$1,013,740$2,260,244$61,9364512
Midtown PlazaKansas City, MO 107Market RateAdaptive Reuse$20,759,714$3,873,935$8,637,361$236,68417247
Lofts at The GrimTexarkana TX 934% LIHTCHistoric Preservation$26,248,863$3,367,065$7,507,239$205,71615041
Lofts at VenturaSan Antonio, TX 2004% LIHTCNew Construction$36,128,289$7,241,000$16,144,600$442,40032288
Sun Prairie Senior ResidencesSun Prairie, WI 1004% LIHTCNew Construction$25,436,089$3,620,500$8,072,300$221,20016144
Village on MainWaunakee, WI 509% LIHTCNew Construction$11,870,915$1,810,250$4,036,150$110,6008122

Active Projects