Federal Historic Tax Credits

Section 47 of the Internal Revenue Code provides for a federal historic tax credit (HTC). The credit is based upon 20% of the eligible expenditures for physical improvements to designated historic structures. The federal HTC is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal income tax liability.

Introducing the Heartland Historic Preservation Fund VI, LLC

The Heartland Historic Preservation Fund VI (HHPF-VI) is a multi-property, multi-investor fund sponsored by Cohen-Esrey Capital Partners, LLC. HHPF-VI makes investments in partnerships that renovate historic structures throughout the U.S. HHPF-VI is a "small deal" fund focusing on properties that generate HTC between $500,000 and $2 million

HHPF-VI will invest in apartments, hotels, office buildings and other commercial structures. HHPF-VI receives a 99% ownership interest in the property level partnership. HHPF-VI receives 99% of the cash flow and the HTC. At the end of the fifth year, HHPF-VI intends to "put" its ownership interest back to the developer and exit the partnership.

HHPF-VI will receive an annual preferred return of 2% of invested capital payable quarterly. HHPF-VI will receive a "put" price of 7% of capital invested in the lower tier partnership at the end of the fifth year when the Fund exits the partnership. HHPF-VI asset management fees are very reasonable.

HHPF-VI investment per credit dollar is very competitive.

•    HHPF-VI does not require expensive legal reasonableness opinions.
•    HHPF-VI does not require tax opinions
•    HHPF-VI does not require annual audits
•    HHPF-VI does not require construction inspection fees.
•    HHPF-VI does not charge for financial projections.

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