Apartment Investing Podcast

Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investing Podcast

Welcome to the Cohen-Esrey Apartment Investors (CEAI) podcast. Join Moderator, Lydia Kinkade, Managing Director for CEAI Fund XXIII and Fund 24, as she talks with Ryan Huffman, Chief Operating Officer of Cohen-Esrey and Managing Director of CEAI, and Lee Harris, President and CEO of Cohen-Esrey, about the firm’s apartment investment strategy. In addition, the panel explores specific CEAI acquisitions and dispositions. Candid, concise, and informative ad-free discussion, the podcasts are available on video by clicking below, or by audio through Spotify, Apple, and other podcast platforms.

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Accredited Institutional Investors seeking to invest $5M or more as Primary Equity Providers, please contact:
Ryan Huffman at (913)-671-3409 or by email at rhuffman@CohenEsrey.com.

Accredited Individual Investors seeking to invest $100,000 or more in our Co-Investment Equity program, please contact:
Lydia Kinkade at (913) 671-3325 or by email lkinkade@CohenEsrey.com 
Ken Weiner at (913) 671-3337 or by email at kweiner@CohenEsrey.com
Marty Kramer at (785) 826-6131 or by email at mkramer@cohenesrey.com
Mitch Drees at (785) 643-3890 or by email at mdrees@cohenesrey.com
R. Lee Harris at (913) 671-3332 or by email at lharris@CohenEsrey.com