Affordable housing that makes a difference

We are experts at designing innovative funding solutions to deliver high quality housing options for working families and low income senior citizens. Solving these challenges requires intellectual capital, experience, and deep relationships with a multitude of stakeholders. What sets us apart is the question we come to work with every day: "How can we create a thriving community that changes people's lives for the better?" We take pride in delivering quality affordable housing for seniors and working families in small and medium-sized markets throughout the United States.

Beyond the "sticks and bricks," we strive to create a community that not only enhances the lives of the residents, but also has a positive impact on the greater community to which the property belongs. We deliver on this promise through strategic partnerships with nonprofits like PreservingUS that share our commitment to supporting the residents of our properties as they reach toward their dreams in a home they can love.

Today, our growing edge is found when we focus on how we can create thriving communities that positively impact all stakeholders. Experience has taught us that creating a thriving community requires a customized, holistic approach. No two projects are exactly the same but in each case we balance the diverse needs of numerous stakeholders including city governments, neighborhoods, state housing finance agencies, lenders, equity providers and, of course, the residents who will live in an affordable property. This approach results in the production of affordable housing that significantly enhances the quality of life for both the residents and their neighbors while providing an asset the entire community can be proud of. Marshalltown Senior Residences and The Boulevard Townhomes, profiled in these videos below, demonstrate how we achieve that goal.

Our Strategic Advantage: Vertical Integration

One way we set ourselves apart is through the integration of several distinct but related Cohen-Esrey business units. Together, we form a vertically integrated team of experts, coming together to create thriving communities that positively impact all stakeholders. Here’s one example of how this platform performs in a project environment:

The St. Thomas Historic Residences were built and originally operated as a hospital in the western Kansas community of Colby beginning in 1941. Cohen-Esrey Affordable Partners, LLC was the developer and quarterback on the conversion to affordable workforce housing. CE companies Construction Technologies and Service Technologies were the general contractor and subcontractor. CE’s Primepoint Partners supplied many of the building components and Cohen-Esrey Capital Partners secured the equity for the state historic tax credits. Finally Cohen-Esrey Communities coordinated the lease-up of the property and provides day-to-day property management services. 

The involvement of all of these Cohen-Esrey business units through our Vertical Integration Platform allowed for much tighter control over the quality of the project, the development and construction timeline as well as the cost.

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